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RAI’s Tax team is composed of top-tier experts with hands-on experience from all over the globe. With knowledge of the UAE market and tax procedures even before VAT implementation in 2018, our aim is to help alleviate the challenges due to the shifting tax landscape.

We meticulously assist our clients in making optimal choices in their business.

We lead them to positive outcomes that align with their strategic goals.




Flexible compliance services every step of the way. From post-submission reviews all the way up to end-to-end outsourcing, we’re here to assist our clients throughout the entire journey.



Holistic tax consultancy services that support businesses with complex transactions and strategic direction.


Tax Return Reviews and health checks

Risk-focused historic compliance reviews with any level of detail required.


Tax authority support

Offer clients assistance in managing the tax audit process, including mock audits/preparation, on-site support, and post-audit error correction.


Dispute Resolution

Support with tax authority disputes, including ruling requests, appeals, and tribunal/court litigation.


Tax Due Diligence

A full suite of due diligence services and unique enhanced offerings for both vendors and purchasers.

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